LifeinSTyle Hotel Takeover Part 1

Holy shit! What a night! So many sexy people and not nearly enough time. We attended our first hotel takeover and it was out-fucking-standing!!

We found out about this party on If you are not a member of C4P we definitely recommend you become one.

We were actually supposed to go to a different hotel takeover that our friends from Do you drink and swing? offered to share their room but after talking to the hosts of LifeinStyle and others on twitter who have attended their parties in the past, we thought this was one we had to be at! It also would push us out of our comfort zone a bit which is a must for any couple exploring the LS.

Unfortunately we made the decision to go a little too late so there were no available rooms left at the hotel and we had to settle for the motel 3 miles away. Next time we will be sure to get in on the rooms early!

We can’t say enough good things about the hosts! We had been talking to Vinny and Sabine on twitter recently and they were so helpful in getting us all set up to be at the party. They promised it would be a great time and they did NOT disappoint.

The festivities took place at a Spa Hotel and everyone was to come dressed for a pool party. Lily spent weeks going back and forth on what she would wear. She bought a sexy black one piece but as always began to question her choice so she bought some bikini bottoms also and a see through black cover up. I thought both were sexy.

We were so excited the week leading up to it. Just seeing some of the hot couples who were going to be there on the attendance list had us charged up! It seemed as if the weekend would never arrive.

We spoke to a few other attendees trying to spark up a possibility or just to get to know people we could talk to once we were there. As mentioned this would be a major step out of our comfort zone. It is always exciting to challenge ourselves to make new connections.

The day finally arrive. Our kids were going to their grandma’s for the night. We told them we got a hotel near our house just for a night out to celebrate our 14 year anniversary. We had the car packed and headed out about an hour later than we wanted to. We didn’t want to get to the party first but we did want to get there somewhat early. Plus we still had to go to our hotel room to get ready before.

We made it to the hotel at around 3:30 pm and got settled in. The room was acceptable but certainly no Hilton. There didn’t seem to be many people there and we began to wonder if we were the only ones at the motel and not the main spa hotel the party was to be at.

We unpacked and threw on some music while we took showers and groomed to try to look our best for the party. I had the easy job only having to wear a swimsuit and a t-shirt while Lily settled on starting out in the black one piece. Wish I had remembered to take pictures!

All cleaned up and trying to look our best we were ready to head over. There was a shuttle offered which was wonderful to help avoid drinking and driving. We decided to just drive ourselves over figuring not to get too drunk anyway. We didn’t want a repeat of what happened in Do you drink and swing?

We arrived at the venue. Located in a small town in Southern Illinois the Spa Hotel was an older building that appeared to be prime for big events like weddings. Again it seemed dead in the little town though and we questioned if we were in the right place but seeing another couple, walking up with their “swinger bag” in tow and looking a little confused alike us, we knew it had to be the spot.

We walked up the old stairs to a double door which took a few yanks to pry open. As we entered the main lobby it was clear we were definitely in the right spot. Standing at the table was a sexy black vixen. At first she was unable to find our name. I thought the guy standing next to her may have been Vinny but he said he was not. Let’s call them Adam and Kate. Adam is tall muscular guy with a beard. Lily has a thing for him I think. Kate is a gorgeous exotic looking woman with sultry eyes, a beautiful smile and a sexy body. After looking it over they realized we were on the “other” list. We weren’t sure what that meant and thought maybe we were in a special group but later found out it just meant we weren’t staying at the hotel.

After getting checked in and getting our wristbands they told us where to go. Just down the hall around the corner opened into a large indoor pool courtyard area. There was a restaurant to one side and rooms overlooking the pool. On the far side of the pool they had a bar stand set up serving just about any cocktail you would need. The staff was so friendly and attentive. We immediately went to get a drink. They had specials on pinacoladas so we grab one of those. It was about 4:30 or 5 at this point. The drinks were very strong and went down pretty easy so we had to pace ourselves.

At first we sipped our drinks glancing around at the couples. Little groups seemed to be forming. Many people already knew each other. Just then we recognized Vinny from his tattoos and he noticed us as well. He was just as friendly and outgoing in person as he had been on twitter. He let us know where we could put our bag and gave us a little run down of the evening but had to get back to host duties.

We walked into the pool area with our drinks and noticed another couple we had been talking to on twitter. These two had highly recommended the Lifeinstyle parties. They listen to many of the same LS podcasts we do. We approached them to say hello and introduce ourselves. They were involved in a game of cards against humanities. They had a couple of friends from Florida with them. It was amazing how far people came for this party. They were friendly and cordial. We had wanted to meet them since we had talked a bit. Not necessarily as a couple to play with though we certainly wouldn’t turn down the invitation. We didn’t want to be intrusive but asked if we could join their group and sit down. In retrospect we wish we hadn’t done that because there was a slight awkward moment where it didn’t seem we were welcome. I think they only had a short amount of time with their out-of-town friends so they didn’t want to waste it. Which totally makes sense. Either way we felt a little out-of-place for a moment.

We exchanged a bit of small talk and were relieved when more couples began to show up. There was a super sexy couple John and Liz. Liz was covered in glitter and rubbing it off on anyone and anything she touched. John was very friendly, outgoing, and as I called him later a bit of an instigator. In a good way though. They definitely knew how to party. Lily mentioned several times to me how she thought Liz was “fucking hot”. She definitely was.

The conversation and drinks were flowing. We began to feel a little more at ease since Liz and John were so outgoing. Also by this point Kate and Adam had shown up and they apparently were close friends of theirs. We felt this was the group we had to get to know. Liz asked if anyone wanted to smoke some weed. I was totally down for that. We all went back to their room, Kate and Adam, Liz and John, and Lily and I.

We smoked a bit and had more good conversation. As I said they already knew each other quite well. Next thing we knew Kate and Liz were walking around topless which we did not mind at all! They both had gorgeous breasts and sexy bodies. I forget how it happened but Kate gave a suck on Liz’s nipples and someone suggested Lily have a taste of the other. She was happy to oblige. Such a hot scene as Liz stood with a sexy lady licking on each nipple. John and Adam pointed out that Lily was the only one who still had her top on. Everyone wanted that to change. There was some teasing and negotiating to get her to show more. Lily loved the attention but always plays hard to get. Finally she gave in and flashed her beautiful breasts.

After a bit more smoking we finally all headed back out to the party and to get more drinks. Lily and I discussed getting some dinner but we didn’t want to miss anything. As we sat by the pool we noticed some of the party goers had taken their tops off and there were breasts on display everywhere. It was amazing!

We were told on the third floor there was a play room and also just down the hall was the a special room for a main event later, the “gang bang room”! We had already asked in the week leading up to the party if we could get entrance to watch. Lily was intrigued to see this live. I think she wants one herself if you ask me but just not ready for that level. We saw people going upstairs quite often and didn’t know if maybe people were already playing so we decided to adventure up ourselves and have a look at the playroom. Just before we headed up we made a stop at the restroom. As I waited in the hall for Lily I met this adorable little wide-eyed girl we have dubbed “The Pixie”. She has a gorgeous tattoo just below her breasts. Firm sexy ass and her energy is contagious. Turns out her and her boyfriend live near us. We met him later.

When we got to the third floor the room was easy to find. There were party lights flashing and dance music playing. We went in the room and there was an older couple sitting on a pull out bed. There was a chair in the corner facing the bed. To the left as you entered the room was a wet bar that ran the length of the wall. Turn the corner to the left was a hall leading to another bedroom and a bathroom with a Jacuzzi tub.

Adam and John had showed up in the room or perhaps they were already there. They are both very forward and would put their arms around Lily. I think they were trying to test her limits. The older woman on the bed was pretty drunk. We made small talk about the party but it quickly turned little frisky. Adam tried to tie Lily’s hands behind her back with a washcloth but it was too short. I stepped in behind to try to help hold her hands back. She didn’t fight it much and I could tell she was really enjoying the attention from us three. She laughed with giddiness. She could have been taken right there by three men and would have loved it. She has had two plenty of times but has not ventured past that though I know she wants to. While holding her back I was going to suggest grabbing the pillow case off one of the pillows as I heard that works well but at that moment the chair behind her moved causing her to fall back and releasing her.

Lily went to the bed and picked the mask up asking what it was for. The lady on the bed told her to put it on and lay down so she could show her. Lily either naive or just wanting to play along did what she was told. The blond woman immediately spread Lily’s legs saying, “Come here you little bitch”!

She then buried her face between them as she went down on Lily. Lily was a little mesmerized as she had her pussy eaten by a complete stranger. The older lady was clearly very drunk but I think Lily enjoyed the free pussy licking. After a few minutes with us all watching the excitement Lily was allowed to get up.

We thought it was time to head back downstairs to finally get something to eat. We headed into the restaurant. The great thing about this party is everyone everywhere was part of the group. The only non-lifestyle people were the staff. Though even they may have been. We kept our meal light with sandwiches and water because we needed to sober up a little. It was still early after all.


The tables were all decorated with these cute pineapples! The atmosphere everywhere was welcoming. We had such a great time. The food was tasty too and just what we needed to get a bit of soberness back.

Make sure to check back for part 2. We will talk about the sexy experience we had with the pixie and her man. Also we will cover the grand finale of the evening, Sabine’s gang bang! Don’t miss out on the details. This party was insane! Getting excited for their upcoming Halloween Party


Party Like it’s 1999

Getting back to how it began I want to cover more about our friend, Chris.  I have talked about him in previous posts like Back in the Day .  He became our third for quite some time.

Chris, still one of my best friends today, is a tall blonde hair blue eyed good ol’ country boy basically.  He has always been a great friend who has been there for me countless times.

After the experience we shared with him, briefly highlighted in the post about Retribution , things didn’t change in our friendship.  I trusted him like a brother and this experience had only strengthened that bond. Most people would get jealous and I think at first I had a tinge of jealousy at moments but it was all washed away when I was able to reclaim Lily as my own.

We were doing all sorts of experimenting back then.  We were heavy pot smokers, obviously loved Ecstacy and would do LSD pretty often.  Chris was part of our group and was almost always there.  He lived down the street from me too so we hung out nearly every day.

I graduated from High School in 1999.  Our class motto, “Save the Best For Last”!  I was not a fan of school, always did just enough to not fail.  I believed I was destined for something bigger and better.  I couldn’t wait to get out into the real world.

Another friend of ours we shall call Ryan, was putting together a New Year’s Party.  It was going to be at his house on December 31, 1999.  The party was dubbed “Rollinium” we would roll into the new year! He even had a banner made and hung it in the living room.

We had a few dealers for E at that point.  They would even roll with us from time to time.  For this party our dealer was Jerod.  Jerod, did stay and take pills with us.

All our closest friends were there.  We took the pills as the evening began. They always take a bit of time to kick in.  Anywhere from 30 Minutes to an hour.  Once they do there is a rush of warmth that rolls through you.  Once that happened the people in the house split up.  There were some who liked to just sit and ride it out and others would be all over.  We liked being by the music to feel the bass buzz through our bodies.

Ryan had a narrow steep carpeted stairway that led to the basement.  At the bottom of the steps there was his bedroom to the right and another room to the left.  Lily and I went to the left to be by the stereo.  I think there may have been a black light as well but I don’t recall exactly.  Jerod was in there and possibly someone else but the lights were low.  Lily sat on the floor in front of me and removed her shirt releasing her sexy black laced bra. It was common for the girls to walk around in their bras because the ecstasy makes you warm.

I sat behind Lily gently massaging her shoulders trying to help her roll begin.  She was facing Jerod and we were all talking about something we thought was important at the time. Lily began to slur her words and become more relaxed leaning back against me. It appeared the pills were good! As I rubbed Lily’s back I slid my hands up and down her shoulders in gentle strokes.  I began to massage the sides of her breast.  We were clearly all feeling it at that point as my hand slid back and popped her bra clasp.  She let the bra fall to her lap as her beautiful perky breast were on full display for us.  We carried on conversation as if nothing had happened.

I think Jerod became a little uncomfortable.  He had known Lily a bit longer that I had because they went to school together.  He decided to leave us to each other.  We had no intentions of including him in anything and he really didn’t know we were into sharing I don’t think. We just made him a bit nervous or who knows what?

By this time the pills were really working.  Lily was so horny and ready to go. Chris had joined us for a few naughty experience before that night and had become somewhat of a normal third.

I let Chris know he was welcome to join us in the basement bedroom.  I also asked Ryan and he was a little interested but was the host so didn’t want to leave the room. Lily had a blow job experience with Ryan the last time we had rolled where we both came on her tits.  She was embarrassed after it happened because we hadn’t really done anything like that before. By this time though she was well over those insecurities. After-all we were just having fun.

I don’t know how long I had been upstairs but when I returned to the basement bedroom the scene I walked into was amazing.  Lily was on the bed laying down with her legs spread wide.  Chris had his face buried in her pussy licking and sucking.

She noticed me enter the room and said, “I hope this is okay.  You were taking awhile and I’m so horny”

Of course it was okay! It is exactly what I had hoped to see.  I walked over to her pulled out my cock, grabbed the back of her head and stuffed her mouth.  Her moans from Chris sent vibrations that stimulated me even more.  Chris stood up to fuck her but instead Lily jumped up and ran to the bathroom.  She became nauseous, as is an occasional side effect of the pills.  Unfortunately this killed the momentum for us and we were not able to continue.  Besides Lily had to get home.  We drove her back to her house and Chris came along for the ride.

The fun would have to wait until next time.

When this post is published we will be days away from our first hotel takeover! We are so excited and nervous.  Definitely out of our comfort zone.  Lily is stressing out a little on what to wear.  The party is at a spa and the attire is swimwear.  She mainly has “mom” swimwear these days so she has had to grab some last minute accessories. Just hope they make it here in time.  

We will pick up with more adventures with Chris in the future.  There were many, even my first Bi experience.  I would not identify as a Bi-male.  It is not something I look for but in the heat of the moment things sometimes happen and sexual adrenaline is hot!

Thank you for reading.  If you have comments or questions please let me know.  Please follow and share as well! Till next time! 







After I was caught cheating it seemed our relationship would come to a halt. Lily had lost all trust in me. She’d call me a cheater and a liar.

She would say, “Once a cheater always a cheater!”

But somehow I  convinced her to give me a second chance. I had to prove myself. She felt even though what I did was awful and inexcusable, why should someone else get to be with me? Deep down she still wanted the relationship to work. We were only teenagers and trying to make a life long relationship out of highschool sweethearts was a far-fetched fantasy but we didn’t care. After all we were in love. As much as she despised what I did she loved me anyways and I loved her just as much. True unconditional love! I would do anything to keep the relationship going and soon I would have the opportunity to prove it.

Back in the late 90’s ecstasy was huge! One of my brothers and his girlfriend (now wife) introduced it to us. We were already smoking pot daily and had the occasional LSD adventure. We figured, why not!?

Ecstasy magnifies the senses. Every touch feels amazing. Love becomes more intense than ever imagined. The crash is awful but the high is glorious and the sex on it is phenomenal. Just once and we were hooked. We planned to do it again very soon.

We would get our pills from a friend of my brothers, Jake. He’d DJ at local clubs and had a gorgeous blond girlfriend (now his wife) Amelia who simply spewed sexuality. She always reminded me of a young Pamela Anderson. Complete with the large breast, long flowing blond hair, perfect legs and eyes that said, “Fuck me” all day long. Jake and my brother were best friends so he was over at our house all the time.

Our parents would be going out-of-town to visit our oldest brother at college so we were all planned a party. Jake would bring his DJ equipment and set it up in the basement and we would roll the night away.

I had been talking to Jake about my issues with Lily and how I had been caught cheating. I believe he was the one who had brought up the idea to let her sleep with someone else so then we’d be even and could move on. Thinking back on it that was a possibly a pretty sly move to get to sleep with my girlfriend. He mentioned how he and Amelia had swapped with another couple in the past and how hot it was.

Orgies, gang bangs, and swapping has always been my favorite categories of porn. Since porn was not as readily available on the internet back then as it is today watching it was a bit more difficult. Reading it however I’d discover was just as hot. I would find stories on sites like and print them off to read while masturbating. I was always turned on by stories of promiscuous women imagining I was the man having to watch his wife or girlfriend turned into a cock drunk slut right in front of him. Little did I know I was about to experience it first hand.

The more of these stories I read the more I thought I could totally handle her fucking another man. In fact I wanted her to and I wanted to see it happen! I told Lily about my conversation with Jake and what he and Amelia had done in the past. Jake was older than us by a few years and very much an Alpha male. Lily did not hesitate in accepting the offer. She would fuck him to get retribution and that would restore our relationship.

The next time I spoke to Jake we were in the garage at my house. That was our hangout spot. We could smoke cigarettes out there or weed. There was a TV in the corner and a stereo. I brought up the conversation Jake and I had previously. I was nervous as I asked him if he would fuck Lily. I explained that we had discussed it and we wanted this to happen but she wanted it to be with him. Of course he agreed. In those days Lily was a petite little thing with a body of a dancer. She had long brown hair and sultry brown eyes. Her legs were smooth, her ass was firm, and her tits were perfectly perky. Who wouldn’t say yes to fucking her? We planned to make it happen at the house party we were having in a couple of weeks.

Waiting for that weekend to come was a mixture of nervousness and excitement but I was more sexually charged than ever. My girlfriend who had only ever been with me was about fuck another guy. Also she had decided she was going to make me watch as the ultimate punishment.

We would talk about it when we had sex. She would tell me how she was going to let him use her like a whore in front of me. Saying things like that would only make me thrust harder and cum pretty fast. More and more I felt this experience was going to be life changing and it definitely was.

On the night of the party everyone was there. Jake came by to drop off the pills and said Amelia would arrive later. Chris who I talked about in the first blog was there with his new girlfriend.  She was a bit more innocent and did not even smoke pot.  We had to pretend we were just drinking because then Chris wouldn’t get in a fight with her.

We took our pills and settled in for a fun night anticipating what was to come.  Once the pills began kick in the touching and massaging started.  Jake offered to “Blow Lily up” He told me to stand behind her and massage her back as he simultaneously massaged her from the front and blew through a Vicks inhaler all over her face and body.  She removed her shirt so she could feel it more.  His hands began to rub all over as I watched him caress her breast and massage her nipples.  She was getting so turned on by this.  He could have owned her right there and fucked her in front of everyone if he wanted. She was melting between the two of us. Watching her become so aroused from being touched by two men was exhilarating!  Her eyes closed as her body moved in time with our massages.  Her nipples fully erect and urging to be stimulated.  It was amazing.

After he finished and the ecstasy roll had fully taken hold she sat back against me as I continued to run my fingers lightly up and down her arms.  She whispered she was ready.

Amelia had arrived around that time and Jake had explained everything to her.  She was looking hot as always and was to my surprise totally down with the plan to let Lily get fucked by Jake.  We discussed turning it into a foursome but Lily said that I didn’t get to have sex because it was her turn to get back at me for cheating.

We all snuck off to my bedroom and met there trying not to draw attention to ourselves from the other’s at the party.  When I walked in Jake already has his hands all over Lily. He was rubbing her body and massaging her breast.  I knew by the look on her face her pussy was extremely wet and she was ready to fuck.  She had always been interested in girls and Amelia was absolutely Bi.  Jake told them to kiss.  Amelia took over the massaging.  They rubbed and moved their bodies together as they kissed.  Lily was nervous as she explored another girl for the first time.

The room was a large rectangle with a couch that ran along one side under a double set of windows and a twin bed in the far corner.  Amelia laid Lily on the bed and began to kiss and lick her way down her body running her hands all over her breast and nipples.  I laid at the head of the bed with a front row seat.  It was one of the hottest things I’d ever seen.  Amelia began to lick and suck at Lily’s pussy. She let out a long exhale.  Amelia had clearly done this before.  She continued to rub her hands up her thighs and flicked her tongue across her clit. Lily’s breathing picked up tempo as she felt the sensual touch of another girl for the first time.  Amelia sat back giving Jake a view of her perfect plump ass and soft white skin as she was kneeling at the foot of my bed.  In awe I sat gently stroking my cock.  Amelia rubbed Lily’s pussy in quick circular motions.  This turned her breathing into soft moans of pleasure.

Finally, Amelia stood up and laid on the bed asking Lily to return the favor.  Amelia spread her legs showing her tight little pussy which was just as wet as Lily’s.  Lily was extremely nervous about this.  She had never gone down on a girl before and was a bit hesitant.  After all this was unexpected and not what she was originally here for.  She began to lick Amelia.  Amelia grabbed the back of Lily’s head pushing her face in.  Force feeding her clit to her.  Shortly into it however, Lily broke free awkwardly uncomfortable with what she had done.

Lily went to Jake and began to kiss him.  Meanwhile Amelia laid down on the bed next to me and took my hand rubbing herself with it.  She slid my hand down her body to show me how wet she was.  Lily reminded that I could not fuck anyone.  I was only allowed to watch!

She was stroking Jake’s cock and kissing him deeply.  I was in a bit of a trance watching.  I couldn’t tell if it was the ecstasy allowing me to be ok with it all or just that it was so hot to see her this way.  Soon she dropped to her knees and was face to face with Jake’s cock.  He penis was thick and decent size. She opened her mouth and wrapped her lips around the tip doing circles with her tongue.  Lily had always gave amazing at blow jobs and being this was her first time with another man I think she was trying to impress him. I watched my girlfriend’s head slowly bob up and down as she sucked him off.  Amelia was rubbing my balls and began to suck my cock but unfortunately one of the side effects of ecstasy is that sometimes the equipment doesn’t work all that well. One of the hottest girls I’d ever seen naked was trying to give me a blow job and sadly I could not get hard.  She totally understood since they rolled often and told me not to worry about it.

Amelia continued stroking me as Jake now was gripping Lily’s hair and fucking her sweet innocent little face.

When she was let up for air she looked up at him and said, “Fuck me”.

That was all Jake needed to hear.  The time had come.  Lily was about to take another man for the first time.  He laid her on the floor in missionary.  Lily spread her legs without hesitation and intense lust in her eyes as he lowered himself on top of her.  She was so wet at this point his penis split her pussy lips with ease.

I could not take my eyes off her.  Amelia, the extremely sexy Pamela Anderson look-a-like was rubbing my cock but all my focus was on Lily.

She quickly became lost in the new cock that had entered her.  She didn’t seem to care what else was happening.  As his pace quickened her lust turned in to pure animalistic behaviour.  He lifted her legs up placing one on each shoulder and began to pound her.  She grunted every time his balls slap against her ass as his cock went deeper and deeper.  She looked at me as she held onto his arms getting fucked harder than she ever has.  Her eyes were glazed over from a mixture of drugs and sex.  She was becoming a true slut right before my eyes and we were both turned on by it.

As she stared at me she grunted, “Are you watching him fuck me?  This is what you get for cheating on me! This is how I want to be fucked!”

The slapping of skin went on and on until finally he pull out and came a huge load all over her stomach.

It was over and I was intensely aroused but still couldn’t even get hard.  She cleaned up and came to me on the bed and we held each other lying naked as we continued to rub our bodies together.

This amazing experience was the beginning for us and we wanted more! The whole time it was happening Chris had tried a few times to come in the room but we had said no because we didn’t want everyone knowing what was happening.  We all cleaned up and left the room.  There was a strong smell of sex in the air and anyone who went in that room had to know someone had been fucked.  We were so naive to think everyone in the house didn’t hear the skin smacking and Lily’s grunts and moans.  Chris wanted in on it too and Lily wanted more cock.

By this time it was early in the morning but she was still in a lust haze when she told me to have Chris meet us in the bedroom.  He accepted and my best friend and I used my new-found whore for hours like a sex doll.  He would become the third in many adventures going forward.


Please comment or message us if you have any questions or even suggestions about topics you may want to hear about.  We may jump ahead a bit and come back to our experiences with Chris another time.  We hope you enjoy our blog.  All stories are true. The only changes made have been the names of the people in them.  We would love and appreciate any feedback.  Also please share and help us reach a larger audience.  Thank you so much for reading! 



LifeinStyLe Hotel Takeover Part 2

This is the long overdue ending to the LifeinSTyLe Spa Takeover we attended in the summer. If you have not read part one be sure to check out LifeinSTyle Hotel Takeover Part 1 to get caught up!  Continue reading LifeinStyLe Hotel Takeover Part 2

We Suck at Meet n Greets

Okay, so things are getting behind. Why the hell are we always getting sick!?  UUUGGGH…Oh yeah we are parents! lmao.

That’s right we are two basic ordinary parents who have jobs, vanilla events, girls scouts, soccer, and all kinds of ordinary but also amazing parts of our lives.

We are also happy to have a naughty, sexy, frisky side that we cherish. It’s important in our marriage to maintain this balance. The Lifestyle has always made us feel closer to each other. It’s a bond only we share. Sometimes it is difficult to maintain and we get wrapped up in our everyday lives, but we try our best.

Now…I know…The next blog entry was suppose to cover the rest of Lifeinstyle’s sexy Spa Takeover we attended back in the summer but we’ve had a writer’s block set back to be honest. Trying to figure the best way to describe certain aspects of the event and give it the amazing colorful depiction it deserves. It is in the works and will be released soon! However, time is rushing by and we have released nothing.  The show must go on!

We recently went to a Meet n Greet. We are learning these are not really for us. While we saw some familiar faces, we find it difficult to get into small talk. We suck at it. Plus it was at a bar where they were having a karaoke night. Surprisingly some of the singers had pretty great voices.

We got there slightly later than the event start time. There weren’t too many people there and the only person I recognized immediately was the event coordinator.  We paid our entry and got a drink.


We hadn’t had dinner however. We planned to get it there which we realized quickly was a terrible idea! All these sexy people around and we were going to scarf down some greasy bar food? Yep, we are awesome like that!

We held off a bit on the food and grabbed a beer for me, and Lily’s favorite Malibu and pineapple for her.

This is first issue for us with meet n greets….

We can’t drink much. We usually have a sitter at home and we don’t need to end up so intoxicated that we can’t make it back.

The event coordinator came up to the bar next to us and we recognized him from Facebook pictures so I said hello!

He was extremely friendly. He asked if we were new to the Lifestyle which everyone seems to think we are but we are not. We give off that vibe since we can often be shy in large groups. We do better in smaller intimate settings.

We talked about other events coming up like the Good Vibrations NYE party.  We have yet to go to a Good Vibrations event, but do want to check one out eventually. From what we have heard, they often have a ballroom at a hotel then a whole floor for an after hours party where clothes are NOT allowed.

We told him we were suppose to go to the LifeinStyle NYE party but that we would like to go to one of their events someday.  He introduced us to his wife and some friends. They were all so friendly.

We decided at that point to order some food because we had to eat something. We split some appetizers and got another drink.

As we awaited our order we scanned the room which was quickly filling. A couple next to us had said hello and we said hi back but it didn’t go beyond that. They seemed nice but there still has to be some attraction. This is where it gets awkward for us. We don’t want to be rude to anyone, but we either have an attraction or don’t, and the people who approach us first usually aren’t the ones we are attracted to. Which in turn makes us wonder if those we are attracted to just aren’t attracted to us and thus begins the introverted conflict inside us which freezes us to our spot and keeps us from going after who we are attracted to. It’s a vicious cycle!

It’s tough because when at an event like this there is minimal time to make connections and if there is no attraction it’s difficult to spend time involved in conversation with someone where there is no intentions of taking it further. It feels shallow to think that way but let’s be honest, we are here to find people to get naked with and if we don’t feel it we don’t want to waste the time cultivating a relationship. I assume we aren’t the only couple who feel this way and I am sure there are couples who feel that way about us even. We don’t want to lead people on in a dragged out conversation while barely listening and scanning the room with our other eye for an out. This is just another reason why we are awful at this kind of thing. Hopefully someone can tell us we aren’t awful shallow assholes because while typing this, I kind of feel like we are!

A few of our friends did show up however. We were standing near the door as it swung open and in stumbled a beautiful smiling Kate with her man Adam close behind! If you read LifeinSTyle Hotel Takeover Part 1 you will recall these two. If not, go read it. Part two is coming, I promise!

We were heading over to grab a table to wait for our food. They had some sexy friends with them who they introduced us to but we don’t really recall their names.


We have got to get better about that!

They joined us briefly when our food arrived and we even shared some with them.  There was a lot more than we anticipated. We made some small talk about the singers and that we were happy at least someone was there we knew. They left us to our meal and ran off to mingle.

After we finished up we headed back to the bar to grab another drink and realized two things, one, everyone was talking to someone and there were many circles that had been created. The very few people we knew were involved in conversation. Adam always had his arm around a lady and not always the same one. Which was inspirational. The other thing we realized is that we can get involved in a conversation and push our way in but then where does that lead? This was a bar. We have long been over the bar scene. There is no where to play if it did lead somewhere. As a rule we don’t bring play dates to the house. Our dogs would bark and the kids would wake up. I try to push a little on this rule to be bent, but Lily so far has been stead-fast on keeping it in place.

We walked around a bit more checking out the old dive bar. Stepped outside to see the two fire pits with more circles of people in conversation.


It was cold out as it tends to be during November in the Midwest so we headed back in.  Adam, Kate, and their entourage had left or stepped out at least, and we were getting a little bored.

As we eluded to before, when we go out to do lifestyle related activities we don’t like to waste time. Sitter’s aren’t cheap and time slips by quickly.  We want to get as naughty as possible. Knowing that Lily enjoys being watched and as hot as she was looking that night we decided it was time to go find some naughty. Off to the strip club we went.

She was dressed in a flowing floral skirt which came down on her shoulders leaving them bare and wanting to be kissed.  Her new black leather boots climbed her calves to her knees. She looked so sexy that night.

We pulled into the familiar gavel filled lot and made our way to the door. This particular club has a special room in the back for couples. Anything goes in this lounge and we have had quite a few hot nights on the couches back there.

We ordered a drink at the bar and headed to the couples lounge.

As soon as we entered one of the people involved in those hot nights popped up from a near by couch to greet us.

Miranda is an early twenties self proclaimed unicorn. Though I don’t think she can really call herself that because she has a boyfriend. She is perky with her blond hair and long legs. Her breasts are large and perky. She is a bit quirky and as we found out before, sometimes doesn’t shave her legs but always her pussy which is a little odd, but she is still sexy, fun, and totally bi!

Even though she trimmed her hair we immediately knew who she was. Lily and her had taken turns eating each other’s pussy earlier in the summer and they had taken turns blowing me and her boyfriend.

Lily was always a little bothered by that incident. She wanted mainly to play with Miranda when we first met. Miranda had being going on and on about being a unicorn but then suddenly her boyfriend was there. Though he was a nice enough guy, he was not really her type and she felt like she ended up in a position she didn’t really want to be in.

This can be tough in the lifestyle.  That is why we have learned you have to set clear boundaries and if both of us are not into it then nothing is going to happen.

This time however was different. Lily was feeling naughty but other than a bit of leg rubbing on each other, she wasn’t feeling it and just wanted her time with me. We went down to watch the strippers a bit. They are rather lazy at this particular club. They don’t interact much with patrons and are only mildly attractive.


It was getting late so we headed back to the lounge area.

We sat on the black leather couch while other strangers around were sucking or fucking each other. Lily wanted to put on a little show. She straddled me on the couch and we started making out.  he was grinding against my cock through my jeans. I slid both hands around her waist and pulled up her skirt giving the guy sitting across from me a perfect view of her nice round ass. I reached up and pulled her dress top down in the front exposing her perfectly plump breasts and started running my tongue between them.

We always get hot knowing others are watching. She knelt down and pulled my cock out and began sucking it like the little slut she can be. Greedily sucking and slobbering over it like her life depended on getting my cum out.

A group of people came in and went right into a loud conversation. Her head continued to bob up and down ignoring them like a good girl as they sat at the other end of the couch.  I could feel the cum building and was almost there. I grabbed the back of her head thrusting my cock deep to the back of her throat causing her to gag. She stopped for a moment leaving me just on edge. She pulled back giggling that my cock went too deep. She went back to work but with all the commotion I had lost it. The conversation around us and the constant beeping coming through the thin wall from people entering and exiting the building made it difficult to focus.

We composed ourselves and decided it was time to head home. Although we didn’t get any playtime with a couple, we enjoyed our sexy naughty time we had together. After the hour ride home and paying the sitter to send her on her way, we ravished each other.

That night we decided we are going to stick to parties that have playrooms and meeting couples or select singles. We have much better odds in those situations.

Part 2 of Lifeinstyles Spa Takeover is coming, I swear! I intend to be more consistent with this and try to give at least something every couple weeks.  If you like what you read please share and click the follow button so you won’t miss any steamy details.  



Do you drink and swing?

We know you are nervous. It’s a first date or third date. You’ve hit it off with another couple and everyone is meshing well. Everyone knows today will lead to playtime.

You are ready with your toys, condoms, lube! Everyone agrees to meet up at a bar or go to dinner. Then the drinks begin to flow.

The first bottle of wine goes quickly as to be expected between four people. Everyone has a nice buzz so a second bottle is ordered. This is when things can get carried away and take away from the night of fun you envisioned, and turn it into a bit of a mess.

We met a couple about a month ago. We’ll call them Betty and Mark.

After a week of good conversation on Kik, exchanging pictures and naughty flirting, our schedules matched up and we finally got together and had a great time! We didn’t full swap on the first date, as is our rule, but we certainly had a steamy hot ending for our first meetup, which I plan to cover in detail soon.

We saw them a second time a week later when we went to a local meet n greet. We again had a great end to the evening, but due to a different encounter that randomly spawned that night, we didn’t get the chance to spend much time with them. Having previously planned to get a hotel with Betty and Mark the following weekend we knew we’d get our opportunity soon.

The week leading up to our hotel night we flirted constantly on Kik and talk about all the wild things we wanted to do to each other. Everyone clicked and we were all on the same page. We met at a restaurant within walking distance of the hotel which was perfectly set up for drinking to take place. No one had to drive and we were all excited to get the party started!

We got to the hotel a bit later than planned. We had been trying to find nice shoes last minute. We took showers and got ready for the evening. Lily and I arrived at the restaurant first and they messaged that they were on the way.

We had a nice awkward moment when Lily let the hostess know we were there for our reservation. She couldn’t locate it. Then we realized the reservation was under Betty.

The hostess handed us a buzzer to let us know when the table would be ready.

We decided to grab a drink at the bar while we waited. It was packed and there was only one stool open. We did the sideways stance while we ordered two glasses of Pinot Grigio.

We stood drinking our wine as we waited for the Betty and Mark to get there and our table to be ready.

When they arrived we noticed there was more confusion at the hostess counter. I guess the hostess was confused since she had already given the buzzer for our table to us. We waived them over and that cleared things up. They joined us at the bar and got a drink for themselves.

The restaurant was classy and the bar had a giant Pineapple drink which we all found to be somewhat humorous for obvious reasons. They must have been expecting us.


A few moments later our table was ready.

Betty holding the buzzer in one hand and her glass of Mascato in the other scurried off to follow the hostess. Once the rest of us realized the table was ready we followed.

We were seated at a square table and I made sure I sat with Lily on one side and Betty on the other with Mark across from me. This way everyone could be near each other’s spouse.

We immediately ordered a bottle of the Pinot Grigio Lily and I had been drinking. We ordered appetizers, dinner, and we drank!!

We had awesome conversation. First about basics like kids and sitters. We were glad to have met a couple who has kids because they understand the struggle of scheduling things.

The conversation turned sexy very quick. We were all so excited all week and the night was finally upon us.

Once we finished the wine we decided to get a second bottle. That was likely not a great idea. We were already buzzed but no one had to drive so we figured, why not?

Sticking with Pinot but this time a Pinot Noir. I could not pronounce the name of it so I just make one up. The waitress even found it funny. She was kind of cute now that I think about it!

As we drank, talked, and ate our meals we noticed the restaurant began to really empty out. Perhaps they had heard our discussion. We were talking a bit loud but we were having a blast.

Finally we decided to head out. We made our way, quite tipsy to a bar across the street.

Lily and I immediately ordered margaritas. Why? I have no idea!! I was not tipsy. I was pretty drunk at this point. Everyone was but like I said we were having fun. The conversation continued and I wondered if people around could hear the swinger things we were discussing but didn’t care much. I downed the margarita and ordered a beer. This was pointless. I didn’t need more alcohol. I don’t think I even finished it.

We were all finally ready to go the hotel. We were all highly intoxicated at this point and I was starting to have concerns on how things would operate.

Lily and Mark sat on the couch and Betty and I decided to get ice in the ice bucket so we could all have ice water. Her and I left the room and walked to the ice machine.

When we returned Lily and Mark had began making out. Betty and I took our places on the couch and began to do the same. Next thing I knew Lily was already on her knees blowing him. Which was great because Betty mirrored her and began to suck me off also.

This went on then Betty got up and went to the bed. She laid down and said lets all go to the bed!

We had changed out the light bulbs with red lights inspired by one of our favorite podcasts, That Couple Nextdoor.

At first things were moving along well. I began to have sex with Betty and Lily was riding Mark. I would reach over and grab her breast, or Lily and Betty would share a kiss. It was one of the hottest experiences I had ever been a part of. Until hotness became me actually being hot.

Being hot and drunk makes sex very difficult and when sex becomes difficult things dont work quite the way they should.

We swapped back to our own spouses and unfortunately I was spent. This is not the norm for me so I was a bit frustrated. Lily was so drunk she started to get annoyed with me a little. She said that I seemed to be fine with Betty. She was taking it personally but I felt like shit as it was so that didn’t really help. We left the bed and went back to the couch but it was really no use. I needed some time. The moment was gone.

We heard them finish on the bed and they quickly got dressed and next thing we knew they heading out the door thanking us for a good time.

Lily was a bit upset that I couldn’t finish. She was frustrated that neither man finished with her. She often feels inadequate if she doesn’t make a man cum.

We cooled off and I was able to rally with Lily though, and we had amazing sex. Both of us came hard. The neighboring suites had to get quite the sound show that night.

We fell asleep shortly after but I was awakened to the sounds of Lily throwing up in the bathroom. The alcohol had gotten the best of her too. This was our lesson in drinking and swinging!

Our advice to other couples is the same we should have listened to from so many. Don’t overdo it with the alcohol. While it certainly helps lower your inhibitions, too much can take away from the pleasure everyone is trying to achieve. Also, the hangover the next day in your 30’s is brutal! Lily was in bed the entire next day. We will definitely limit our alcohol in the future.

If you enjoy our adventures please share! We love to share and that is what it is all about!

Go checkout one of our favorite podcasts who gave us the idea for the red light. Have a listen to Jay and Kay at That Couple Nextdoor.

If you have any questions or comments please let us know! Feel free to share your experiences as well. We love to hear everyone’s story!

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Single guys. Come on!!

Here is a little sidetrack from the history of how we became swingers. Don’t worry though we will get back to that soon.

Most of our encounters have been MFM (Male Female Male) experiences until recently.  In the past having a friend join was easy. We were in our twenties going bars or having friends over to drink or smoke weed. Getting one of them to stick around and have sex with a married woman was not all that difficult of a task.  Most guys are not going to turn down sex with no strings.

Now in are later thirties we are finding it to be much more of a challenge.  Having kids we don’t go out and party like we did in the past.  Plus, the friends we do party with are other parents in the neighborhood and we are not trying to have that awkward Girl Scout meeting happen!

On the prowl we scroll some of the sites like SLS ( for example, being the one we have been on the longest and to our surprise the profiles for single males are simply awful!

You are a single guy, with the opportunity of NSA sex with a hotwife, Milf and you can’t even fill in your profile?  You should try a little to entice at least!

We did meet an amazing guy when we lived out west.  Lily prefers a man with some dominance.  I am pretty Dominant as well.  She just likes her men like that.  The guy who joined us back then was the first person we met off SLS.  He was Greek if I recall.  Tall, tan, nice physique and knew what he wanted.  He was very Dominant but in a respectful way.  There is a very fine line between dominant and asshole.  If you can master that line you will go far in this community.

We are currently on the hunt to add a guy and we have noticed a few things.

Men are not nearly as dominant as they say they are.  Or maybe it is just where we are living now.  It’s totally awesome that you are polite but sometimes in this situation polite is just…well…boring! If she is bored I am bored. This applies to men we meet in a couple also. Which makes us wonder if some of these couples are in the lifestyle because the wife is being left unsatisfied.  Don’t get me wrong.  I am not a cuck, though sometimes enjoy taking a backseat and letting Lily fully engage in her other man.  The hotness for me is seeing her turned on.  Other times I can be very Alpha so when she is shared with another man she is being devoured.  She loves that as it makes her feel desired.  Who doesn’t enjoy being desired?

Everyone is different so if soft and sensual is your thing that is great but we prefer to leave “Making Love” for us.  When others are involved it’s time to fuck!

Another thing we notice with single men is their lack of communication.  Say something! We’re not going to just book a date and fuck.  Don’t just send a dick pic right out the gate. Women need to be mentally stimulated.  If you fuck her mind then you’ll probably fuck her but if you can’t hold a conversation in text chat then we are not off to a good start.

In our current search we’ve began conversations that seem to be heading in the right direction then suddenly there are hours or days between answers. This makes it nearly impossible to build a connection. It’s like a constant false start. Makes us wonder if these men were serious in the first place.

We get it though. Maybe there is a place for these men. Maybe it’s just us. We know not everyone is looking for the same thing we are. Either way if you are a single male trying to take part in the LS, here is a bit of advice.  Know what you want but be willing to improvise. Listen to the couple you are trying to meet with. If you really want to be part of their sexy secret world listen to what they are looking for. Adapt and be ready when the time is right. This isn’t “normal” dating but you still have to make an effort.

Comment if you’d like to tell us about your experience as a single male or a couple looking to add a third.

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Hope you come again and again!


MO Swingers